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What are my rights? | Police report not complete

My car was parked on the street. The car behind was hit by car that left the scene and was pushed into my car causing significant damage to my vehicle. The owner of vehicle has comprehensive insurance while I only have liability.

We both have the same insurance carrier which has agreed to repair her car. However, with respect to my car they are denying liability and refusing to repair my vehicle.

If the police report is silent regarding a hit and run car, can the Insurance company refuse to repair my car?


Hello ,

Yeah, they can deny coverage. The vehicle behind you did not cause the accident. The person who hit you (or cause a vehicle hit you) and then ran is the party responsible.

Your collision or uninsured motorist coverage should cover this. If you don’t have this coverage, then you will likely have to pay for your own damages.

The police report will not determine what coverage you have or will not have.

We are sorry about this.

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