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What do I need to do in this case?

by Joao

I am terribly disappointed with Geico.

My car was flooded 4 weeks ago and until now I didn’t receive any update about it, even though I talked to 3 different “supervisors” and called Geico a “hundred” times

My car was flooded on Friday, June 7th.

We contacted Geico on Sunday June 9th

The car was towed to IAA on Thursday, June 13th after we called so many times!

The car key was lost. Neither IAA nor the company that towed the car knows about it. This was the first time I talked to a guy called Bradley that works in NY but was taking care of my case.

It is not a Joke. I live in Miami and the guy from NY was taking care of my case.

After thousands voice messages left on Bradley’s machine and his supervisor Mike (who never return a single call) the car was towed to Nissan facility (Nissan57 Palmetto) on Thursday, June 27th!!!!!!!!

This isn’t another joke. This really happened. They took 14 days to tow the car to Nissan.

On Saturday June 29th I went to Nissan to give them my extra key otherwise they wouldn’t be able to test the car. Also, I went to authorize them to investigate the car. I gave the key to George , the service advisor who called two days earlier.

Almost one week later, on Friday July 5th I went again to Nissan. George showed me the report. It will be $1800 in parts and $2000 in labor. He told me he would fax the report to Bradley. I talked to Bradley this Friday and as I did in all my calls to him, I told him that the rented car should be returned on July 9th.

On Saturday, July 6th I went to Nissan again and George told me he faxed the report on Friday to Bradley. I called Geico and they confirmed that the report was sent to Bradley. The girl I spoke left a message to Bradley. I also left a message to Bradley and Mike on Saturday and Sunday (July 6th and 7th).

On Monday July 8th I left another message to Bradley and Mike. For my surprise, I finally talked to Mike for the first time. He is Bradley’s supervisor and only yesterday I talked to him. Isn’t it awkward?

Mike said he would call Bradley. And he did. Bradley called me and told me I should contact another guy called Yves because he works in Miami!!!! Now I really think it is a joke! After 4 weeks, Bradley tells me that he is not the one capable of taking care of my case because he works in NY!!!!

I discussed with Yeves about my car. He said he figure it out. Once again I told him that I wouldn’t return the rented car because all this mess is Geico’s fault. He told me he would apply the request and give me feedback today, Tuesday, July 9th at 10 am. Then, he called me saying that he needs until noon to update me.

Please, don’t laugh about what I will tell you right now: today is Tuesday July 9th and I just spoke to Yves, who told me Geico will not extend the rental coverage because it was Nissan fault!!!! I asked about the car and he told he does not have any final word about it!!! That’s insane.

He said today one guy will go to Nissan57 to authorize or not the repair and will call me at the end of the day.

Let me think straight because I am kind of lost here. Geico took 3 weeks to tow my car from my house to Nissan57. Nissan sent them a report and until now (30 days after the flooding) Geico doesn’t know what will be done with the car? And I have to return the car to enterprise today?
Now I agree that it is a Joke. Somebody is laughing a lot at me. Bradley, Mike and Yeve are celebrating my misery.

I work 10 miles from my house. I have a small son who goes to a day care in North Miami. How am I suppose to work and pick up my son without my car?

I think the conclusion is that all of this is my fault!!!

Yves told me that I have 2 options. The first is to return the car and the second is pay of my pocket for the car. Interesting isn’t, it?

I hope Geico has a third option

My third option is pay for the car, do not stop working, my son continues to study and sue Geico

Am I right?


Answer to What do I need to do in this case?

Hello Joao,

I am sorry to hear about the bad service Geico is providing to you. Suing an insurance company for first party damages is subject to the terms of your policy (you may not be able to sue Geico, at least not at first, there maybe mandatory arbitration language). You need to talk to a local attorney about that.

At any rate, you should contact the department of insurance and/or office of the insurance commissioner about this. Write a complaint. Sometimes, the insurance company has to reconsidered their position and give you an extension on the rental if that is what you need.

Good luck,

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