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What happens if I hit a car and leave?

by Shilialia
(Washington, DC)

I was driving and the light suddenly turned red. The car in front of me immediately pushed her brakes and i wasn’t driving to fast but the road was a little slippery and i hit her a bit. It was a minor scratch. I tried resolving with her, but she was stubborn and wanted to get the cops/insurance involved.

As I hear her conversation, she was saying she was completely hurt, her neck was hurting and so forth, and I questioned her why are you lying, your perfectly fine, searching her car from left to right. She said "shut up, its none of your business"

I told her there is no need for you to go to those extremes, saying false statements, and she replies shut up or I will beat your ass right now and so forth. I went ahead got in my car and left, because I was scared of what she may have done. I'm in a new state, and I have no idea what the people are capable of doing.

Didn't know weather she was going to attack me or what not. I didn’t take pictures or her plates. it was all so fast. I was caught up trying to talk to some sence in to her that her car was fine, that it was a two inch scratch that can be easily removed with a solution.


Hello. Thank you for your story.

You should never leave the scene of an accident. You could get a ticket for that. If feel you are in danger, call the police and leave while they are on the phone. In the alternative (you do not have a cell phone), drive to the closest police station to file a report.

If she filed a claim or call the cops, you could a fine.

Good Luck

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