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What if bodily injury insurance is not enough?

My adult son rear-ended a vehicle yesterday. He did not receive a citation. The people from the other vehicle were taken to the hospital.

He is an adult, but is still on my insurance policy and was using my vehicle.

If our bodily injury coverage is not enough to pay the claim, would I be sued as the policy holder and vehicle owner? Or, as the driver, would he be sued? He does not have any assets, but I do.

Thank you.


Hello, we are sorry to hear about the rear end collision. Unfortunately, lawyers will look at the policy holder and owner of vehicles if the injury coverage is not enough. This is particularly true if the driver has little or no assets.

In short, yes they can. However, remember that your insurance policy should cover the injury and unless we are talking a substantial hit, your policy should be enough.

Good Luck

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