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What if I can not find a comp for my car?

by Lehigh

I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado V6 2WD. Just put a 1,100.00 transmission in it and we were T-boned and our truck was totaled. The insurance company cannot locate a vehicle within 150 miles like mine for sale now or in the last 3 months.

They found maybe 3. Problem is that my truck I guess is rare. All trucks we are finding are V8 4x4's. They are offering me $6200.00 for my truck (tax included) but I cannot replace my truck for that price as it does not exist. Shouldn't the insurance company have to compensate me for that?

Why should I have to put money out to buy a truck like mine with a few upgrades. I need a truck, I want a Chevy and I don't want a V8 but that's what I'm going to have to buy if I want to replace my 2004 Chevy truck.

Answer to What if I cannot find a comp for my car?

Hello Lehigh ,

Unfortunately the insurance company owes your for the value of what you had (which you can dispute). What you can buy with that value Is not their responsibility. If they vehicle is not made any more, then you should be able to get something different (even if you don’t like that different vehicle).

Our laws are the way they are because it would be impossible to get exactly what everyone had, every time, in every car accident. So long as they pay for your damages, they are in compliance.

The question is, will those differences make your vehicle be worth less. Not having a 4x4 could devalue your vehicle. A smaller engine could do the same, as you can argue that a more gas efficient vehicle could be worth more.

If they cannot find a comparable vehicle, they could use base line adjustments to try to get as close as possible. You can also invoke the right of appraisal in your policy and pay for an independent appraisal to see if you can get more value for your truck.

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