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What is the length of time you must report an accident?

While pulling into a church parking lot I accidently hit the open door of the driver. It appears that only the molding is involved.

It is an old car however the owner (acquaintance) hasn't as of yet gotten a quote for the repair of the door. If the quote is over a $1000 I would like to turn in the accident to my Insurance; I am afraid I will be too late in turning in a claim if necessary as it has been at least one and half months since the accident.



Well, you can always call your insurance company and report the claim, but ask them to not investigate or put the claim on hold until you figure out the damages.

This way, you put them on notice and also protect coverage in case you need it. Telling the insurance company what you are trying to do is perfectly fine. They understand why you are trying to do what you are trying to do.

Also, you do have a duty to report losses and you want to make sure you do not breach your duty there.

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