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What should I do?

I was in traffic on the highway and a lady in her car rear ended me.

We pulled over to the side she gave me her insurance and everything but now she does not want to pay and I called her insurance and they said that they can't do anything because she has not reported it and she will not answer her phone but I have emails and voice mails from her saying that she hit me what should I do?

Answer to What should I do?


This is a common problem in our system. Insurance companies must ensure they talk to their client before they pay on a claim. With no police report or confirmation, they cannot take your word for it. They need something else.

At this point, you can contact your own insurance company and have them do an investigation. You can also contact the department of insurance and ask for guidance as to how much time you need to wait.

Lastly, you can talk to a lawyer to see if a small claims suit or any other suit is a good idea.

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