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What to do? Damages after exiting driveway

by Walter
(new orleans la)

I backed out of my driveway and my trailer hitch bumped into a van across the street. I didn’t want to get police involved but the neighbor did and he called the police. and the police gave me a ticket for improper backing out of driveway?

Gave the neighbor a ticket for parking improperly on the street, it was parked directly across from my driveway. So we both have a ticket and court date.

I’m wondering how to go about this, my vehicle doesn't have a scratch on it and the neighbors damage isn't bigger then a quarter on his back bumper how can I fight this since his car wasn't supposed to be parked there in the first place thanks for the help.


Hello Walter,

I am sorry to hear about this situation. As you know, both parties have duties (duty to look out when backing and duty to park in proper areas), it appears that both parties breach their duties. Please see:

This means that both parties will probably be at fault, at least to a large percentage. Louisiana is a pure comparative fault state, which means, that you will have to pay for your percentage of fault and the other party will have to do the same. Let’s say that the insurance companies decide that you both are 50% at fault. You would have to pay ½ of his damage. If you are 80% at fault, then you pay 80% of whatever their damages would be.

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Good Luck,

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