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What to do in this case? | friend killed by a drunk driver

My friend was riding a Harley and was hit head on and killed by a drunk driver. Just recently learned that her Harley did not have insurance but the drunk driver who killed her does have insurance.

I am just curious how this works! I want justice for the death of my friend. The woman who killed her had a dui last year and got it reduced to nothing now she kills an innocent young girl.

My friend thought her insurance was good through the end of the month and had no clue it was cancelled by her ex.

Its not about money as much as its about this woman going to jail and not being able to kill or hurt anyone else????? Please help guide me to what will happen.

Answer to What to do in this case? | friend killed by a drunk driver


I am very sorry to hear about your friend. Please accept my condolences.

Your friend’s family need a lawyer. There is no way around this. If there is insurance, the insurance company will do whatever they can to pay the least amount they can (remember, they are a business).

It is very hard to tell you what will happen. It all depends on the policy limits and how aggressive the insurance company will be. Again talk to a lawyer.

See the form below.

Good luck

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