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What to tell the insurance adjuster in my recording

by CML
(San Francisco)

I was driving and went through a yellow. On the 2nd crosswalk, I heard a loud bump...and then saw I person on the street in my rear view mirror. I pulled over.

He said he was jogging and saw the "walk" sign and then continued jogging...I guess I hit him from the side.

As I did not see him at side mirror came off and it broke the window shield...the person was conscious and a doctor on the scene said he would be fine. I asked the police for his info, but they said he would contact my insurance.

A witness on the scene said he saw that I had a red...

I was with someone in the car--we both saw it yellow. What should I say to my insurance company?


You need to be honest and tell the truth. The question will not be "what color did you see?" But what color did you see approaching the intersection, what color did you see entering the intersection, what color did you see when you heard the loud bump?

It's possible that you saw yellow and then it changed to red, at the same time the witness saw red.

However, if the light was yellow, you had a duty to use extreme caution... which the accident confirms you failed to do.

The pedestrian may have some liability on it, but usually vehicle / person accident is settled against the driver.

We hope this helps and hope the pedestrian is okay.

Good Luck

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