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What will happen with my insurance?

I was driving and accidentally rear ended the driver in front of me. The damage was just scratches on the left side of his bumper.

I don't believe it was my fault because he was switching lanes at a red light after he went around a car and then he just slammed on his breaks causing me to tap the back of his car.

He also did the same thing again when trying to make a turn and slammed on his breaks again after we had exchanged info.

The car was a government vehicle. We exchanged information, but I 'm just wondering what happens next. I'm a fairly new driver and just got my first car. What does this affect? Will my insurance go up?


Hello, well,

Typically if you hit a car from behind, you are negligent (at fault), at least for a good percentage.

You have a duty to conserve a safe distance so you don't crash into people doing stuff like that. It is possible that you may end up paying for 100% of the damages.

Your insurance could go up, sometimes very little. You are a new driver, so this may be an issue. Check for other carriers and see if you can save even more.

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