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What's included in a settlement process?

by Christy

I was literally stopped a red light. As I was turning left when the green arrow light came on, the person at-fault ran the red light and hit me on my right front passenger side( including bumper, tire, front part of door).

My vehicle was considered totaled and I was given an amount the insurance company claimed it's worth.

My question is about this. I'm dealing with two different adjusters; a vehicle adjuster and a pain and suffering adjuster. Since I was given compensation, is this part of the settlement complete?

I mean is the vehicle amount given to me included in the overall settlement. Or is the vehicle part of the settlement complete?


Hello Christy,

The property damage and the pain and suffering (injury) are separate processes. The property damage (car) usually is settled first. The injury claim could take months and/or years to settle.

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