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When are they going to call me?

by Antoine
(Fort Worth, TX)

I was in an auto accident the other driver failed to yield and I hit his truck. I didn't have insurance but the officer cited the other driver for failing to yield.

They were an older couple but they were both injured and went to the hospital.

This happened last Wednesday and its now Tuesday and I haven't heard a word from their insurance company. When are they going to call me?


Hello Antoine,

Well, you can call them. They will likely ask for a recorded statement. Before you commit to any statement is wise to talk to an attorney. Usually they call people within a week, but they try to get to you sooner than that.

If you don’t have insurance, there is a possibility that the insurance company will give you a hard time regarding fault and may try to place fault on you (even a percentage).

Good Luck,

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