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Where do I start?

by Will
(Escondido, CA)

I was in an accident with my friend on May 2nd. We we're driving down a windy road and he began texting around a turn, drifted off the road and into a dirt wall, which caused the car to roll onto the right side (my side.) Right after the accident I had trouble walking as my back was in tremendous pain, as was my right foot.

After the 20 minute ambulance ride to the hospital and 4 hours in the ER, with absolutely nothing done (they didn't even X-Ray.)

When I talked to my doctor, he said he wanted to x-ray/mri my foot and back to check for possible damages since the pain is still there.

I have health insurance so the bills from the ER and Ambulance aren't too much, but I don't have money for the tests to find out what's up with my foot and back, so I tried to get it from the Insurance company, who promptly denied. (I attempted to get a total settlement of 10,000, for pain and suffering, and medical bills.)

What am I supposed to do? How do I get the tests done, without having to pay for it out of my own pocket in case the insurance company doesn't reimburse me completely?.


Sounds like you have to talk to a lawyer. Attempting to settle without having all documentation of your injury can be devastating to your claim.

Hello Will,

Talk to a local attorney to help you with this. There maybe a way to have more medical documentation regarding your injury.

Also, there is an issue regarding the payments the health insurance company made. They will have subrogation of rights. Please see:

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Good Luck

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