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Which insurance company pays?

I rented a car through a family member that works at a car rental company.

When my daughter and I arrived at the rental office, my daughter decided to pay for car rental, they removed me without my knowledge as a driver.

I was driving the car back to return it and got into car accident.

The other party in the accident kept going but stopped 1/4 mile up the road and then the police and medical transportation came.

I wasn't aware that they were the people that was in the car accident with me because it was so far away. I was notified a few days later after returning to Florida. My insurance company and my daughter's won't pay.

What rights do I have?

Answer to Which insurance company pays?

Well, this is not a simple matter. A coverage investigation needs to be done. You need to get a lawyer to review your case and/or policy.

Your own auto policy may cover you (if you have a an auto policy) even if your daughters does not.

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