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Who can fix my car

by Cara

I was driving to work at night when a deer ran in front of me. All state has done the inspection and written a check but I need to know if I can go to anyone or if it has to be a licensed auto body shop or if I can go to my friend who used to work for an auto body shop?

Answer to Who can fix my car

You have a right to take your car wherever you want, or not even have it fix if you choose not to (you can keep the money).

There is one caveat. If you do want your vehicle fixed, then you want to take it to a bodyshop and see if what the insurance company paid is going to be enough to cover the entire repair (minus any applicable deductible). If not, then that shop will talk to the adjuster and seek a supplemental payment.

If your friend is not a mechanic, then there may not be supplemental payment.

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