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Who is at fault, fiance hospitalized!

by Micheal

My fiancé was traveling south bound, other vehicle was traveling north at a green light turning left. the light is a protected green light and a green light meaning to yield. my fiancé says she had a green light and the other driver tried to take the light to turn left.

On the police report the other driver told police that he was just following traffic and was UNSURE OF TRAFFIC SIGNAL.

but neither of the driver my fiancé or other driver were cited a ticket. she still in hospital with broken heel, ankle has pins holding together the foot. and 25 staples on head. been in hospital for 5 days. my fiancé neither had a license nor insurance.

other party has insurance. to me he said he was following traffic meaning cars in front of him had time to pass and since he didn’t see the light signal and was just following cars he to me failed to yield. but neither party’s were cited. who’s at fault?



I am sorry to hear about your fiancé. Often times, fault is a matter of percentages. Meaning they can both be at fault. There is not enough here to determine how much fault there should be in each driver.

Did the driver’s saw each other at all? What was their speed? Was it late at night? Etc. There might be more liability on the vehicle making a left against a green light if that green light was asking for a “yield.” If you have a green arrow to make a left, then that would be different.

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