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Who is at fault? | Sudden stop and I hit from behind?

by Je'Toi
(Carson, CA)

I was at a turning lane which had two lanes I was the second car in the lane on the left and their was a truck on the right the light changed.

Their was a vehicle in front of my vehicle the truck on the right and the truck in front of me proceeded to make a left turn onto freeway all of a sudden the truck in front of me made an abrupt stop.

Because he felt he could not turn at that time I was getting ready to make the turn.

I had to slam on my brakes which resulted in me sliding in the street because pavement was wet because of the rain and my truck hit the back of the truck that was in front of me.


Hello Je'Toi,

You are likely 100% at fault.

If there is rain and wet conditions, you have a duty to keep space in case a vehicle has to make a sudden stop!

Unfortunately, unless you can show that the other drive did something intentional, it will be hard accident.

For more information about fault, please see:

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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