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Who is at fault? | Vehicle on left lane or vehicle turning into lane

Last night I had a wreck. I was driving 65mph (that's the speed limit) in the left lane going north and a guy pulled in coming from the west. Crossing the lane going south and then pulling right in front of me. He said he assumed I was on the right lane.

It was at night.

I made an evasive action to the right to avoid him but clipped him on the right side of his car. Whose fault would this be?

He said that by law I didn't have to be driving on the left lane.

Answer to Who is at fault? | Vehicle on left lane or vehicle turning into lane


Well, it is no very clear. How many lanes are there going north? Is this a two-lane road (one lane going north and one lane going south)? or is this a four-lane road (two going each direction)? This will, of course, make a huge difference.

Two things, if you are in a two lane road, and you have the right of way (unless there is a yield sign or some other traffic signal). A vehicle cannot assume that you are somewhere else. It is true that you did not have to be there, but it is also true that you could be on that lane.

A driver can't assume that. Lastly, you state that this is at night... didn't you have your lights on. If so, the why did the other driver not see them in the lane you were actual in... and had to assume otherwise?

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