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Who is liable for this accident

by Sam

Who is liable? My daughter had pulled off from her pump and drove round in front of the pumps to leave the for court.

As she was driving a bike pulled off from his pump and looking back at his passenter still at the pump drove into the side of her car, she was a moving vehicle that was driving to go out of the station he was just leaving his pump surely he is liable as he went into the side of her and he drove into the part of the for court she was already travelling on from a different part of the station.

Answer to Who is liable for this accident?

Sounds like you are answering your own question. Sounds like he was not paying attention, but gas stations are a place where drivers must driver with a higher duty to look out. The question is, did she see him, honk, or did anything to avoid the collision.

This question will have to be answer by an adjuster doing a clear investigation, but it does look like he is more liable than she is.

Good Luck

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