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Who pays for damages?

by Clarita
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

I was involved in car accident going straight in intersection. other driver was making a left turn. Both cars went on yellow light. In Phoenix, Arizona. I had side damages to the left side of my truck. other driver has front left damages to his car.

Accident report states that the other driver failed to yield right of way. Who is responsible to pay for damages to both car?

Answer to who pays for damages?:

Hello Clarita,

Well, it’s not possible for both lights to be yellow at the same time (at least not in 99% of the intersections in America). Are you sure about that? Typically, one light will go red, then the other light goes yellow.

If a driver runs a red light, then that vehicle would be liable, at least most of the time.

The fact that the police did give the other side a ticket will help your case immensely.

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