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Who's at fault for this left turn accident?

by Yael

I was turning left on a solid yellow arrow and the other party was going straight, tboned driver side of my car. I believe they ran a red light and they were going 40+mph. they were cited but I said my arrow was green.

Is it possible that if my arrow was yellow and turned red when i was half way through the intersection that they ran a red light or was there light possibly green? They were cited for running a red light.

Still other party hasn't accepted liability for the accident. Could we both be at fault?


Hello Yael,

Yes, you could both be at fault. If your light was yellow, then you still did not have the right of way! The vehicle stopping could go on yellow, but the vehicle starting must wait until green. Yellow, in most statutes, means precaution.

I am not sure what that intersection look like or how it works, but most lights do is this. Only one green light can be activate at the time. Yellow, and green do not mix, meaning that if your light was yellow, theirs should be red. There are no two yellows at the same time.

The only way to tell is to do a scene investigation timing the lights.

With fault, it’s all about evidence, and if the other party was cited, they may be more at fault than you, but it may not mean that you are 0% at fault.

For more information regarding fault, please see:

Good Luck

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Jul 23, 2011
by: inandoutmurder

Running a red light is a hundred times safer then making a turn in an intersection that is not clear.the red light runner is only at fault for disobeying traffic lights, but you can be proven to be 100% at fault for the accident because you were probably stopped while he was traveling before you decided to turn. always get an attorney. btw i do not recommend allstate insurance to anyone they will stonewall you as a client. green light or green arrow mean it's your turn to go, do not rely on them for you're safety

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