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Why my insurance company won't accept liability

My wife was in an accident feb. 12th 2012 the other party had the same insurance USAA he was found at fault on the police report ( running a red light & improper registration. my insurance co. will not accept liability???

I was told even though he was at fault according to the police report they still have to get his statement he is not returning their calls or mailings & it has been 30 days what do I do get a lawyer??

They keep putting me off & my wife is driving around in a brand new 2012 car that has damage with only 1 headlight I don't know what to do please help??

Answer to Why my insurance company won't accept liability

Your insurance will not accept liability? For what, the accident?

Your wife was driving, and the police says it is not her fault. Why should they put her at fault / liable for this accident?

Do you mean you want the coverage? If you have collision coverage, your insurance company should pay and figure it out with the other carrier.

The other insurance company does have a right to conduct an investigation and they must talk to their own insured. However, if there is a police report that is clear and error free, they likely have enough to make a determination.

Contact your adjuster and talk about the steps to get your car fixed

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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