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Will we get any money back from USAA?

by Katumus

My husband was side swiped by a guy who had USAA insurance.

USAA already investigated and has admitted 100% at fault. My husbands injuries werent horrible. No broken bones that we know of (waiting for second xray).

But hes had to go to the chiropractor alot and the bill is around $1800. He has also had some medical bills from the hospital, but since we are on government insurance they have already paid the whole bill and claim they do not care to be reimbursed...which is odd ?

ANYWAY....Will my husband get any money back in the settlement? I would rather not use a lawyer but I would like SOMETHING for all our time spent in this, on top of his chiropractor bills being paid. Do you think we might get some money back?

(fyi - The car was my ex mother in laws and it is STILL not fixed because Hyundai does not make the "brain" part to the airbag/seatbelt, anywhere in the country. They claim they do not make the part anymore but yet that so called "brain" HAS to be replaced after every collision).


Hello Katumus,

You are encouraged to talk to an attorney. They do not care to be reimbursed because they do not have that right in Arizona. It’s possible that they owe you the money of bills directly to you (although your government insurance already paid for them). This is why you need to talk to a local lawyer.

Yes, you probably will get some sort of pain and suffering settlement, which should compensate you for all your damages.

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As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
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