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Wrong insurance from person who hit me

by Louis

I would like to ask a question have to do with a recent accident I was in. I was leaving my apartment complex for class on Friday when a car floored out of it's parking spot and hit me.

Needless to say the police came and the guy gave the officer his insurance car as did I. Neither of us got a ticket because it was on privet property. My father had called into insurance, as so did the guy. Now we find out that the insurance card the guy had was for a snow plow and not his car, and is from a completely different company.

We have been calling him for days now trying to find out who his other insurance company is and such. We are beginning to get worried because my car has over $4,000 in damages and at the time I wasn't feeling any pain, and now am.

What do I do now that this person isn't responding, do I get the police involved?

Also I personally feel that my hip injury is minor, and that if I get Dr's. involved that it could screw me over in aspects of school and work. How do I follow all of this through?


Well, you do have a situation here. It is very probable that this person has no insurance. If this is the case, your insurance company must be involved and cover you under the uninsured property damage and bodily injury coverage. They will take care of your damages and your medical expenses.

They will also pay for you pain and suffering. Note, you do have to have this coverage in your policy. If you do not, then your collision (if you have that) will cover your car damages, but you would not have a settlement for pain and suffering.

If the person does have insurance, then you need to have your insurance company investigate and learn whether or no this person has an active insurance policy. Some insurance companies have data bases that track who has what carrier.

You should also call the police and document that this person gave you incorrect information and that you think there is no insurance on this vehicle. What you want is the police officer to document that there is likely no insurance on this vehicle. This will make your insurance company move a little faster to pay for your damages.

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Good Luck

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