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Young Driver's First accident

by Dan
(Redmond WA USA)

My son rear ended another car last night, no one was hurt, thank God. My son is 17-1/2 in his great wisdom he had picked up 4 girl friends and was taking them to a High School basketball game.

My insurance agent is telling me that we may not have insurance coverage for this accident because my son was not of age to have friends in the car while driving.

Can you give me any advice on this. This happened in Redmond Washington.

Thanks so much Dan.

Answer to Young Driver's First accident:

Hello Dan,

Although your agent may know you policy, she/he is not the claim adjuster nor does she/he make the final decision on coverage.

The fact that he has more passengers in the vehicle than his license allows is usually NOT a exclusion of coverage. If it is, it must be specifically stated in the policy. If your agent can show you the specific exclusion, then you may have something to worry about.

The fact that he did breach his license restriction could affect your rates pretty bad.

Good Luck

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