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4-car freeway accident

by Pat

In CA, a non-insured, expired-licensed motorist (#1) clipped an insured motorist (#2) in the carpool lane, which lost control.

(#2) Vehicle then hit my insured vehicle (#3) as well as another insured vehicle (#4).

I want to be as prepared as possible for seeing what I can do and what my insurance can do.

Do you believe that my (#3) insurance will be dealing only with (#2) party insurance because that is the only vehicle that hit me.

Or will my insurance be dealing with the (#1) un-insured expired-licence party as well? The (#1) party is labeled at fault.

Thank you.


Hello Pat,

I am sorry to hear about this accident.

As I understand this #1 is the sole responsible party for this accident. He lost control and set a chain reaction. There will be a question of whether # 2 or # 3 over reacted or failed to react, (they have a duty to avoid an accident). Depending on how the accident happened (at what speed and what lanes), it is possible that this vehicles have responsibility.

Also, if #2 or # 3 were hit when their vehicles were already at rest, it is possible that whoever hit them (#4 included) can be at fault. To read more about fault and how fault is determined, visit:

Remember that California is a "pure comparative negligence state." Everyone owes everyone else their percentage of negligence.


Good Luck,

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