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Backing into parked car in a no parking zone private property

by Dave

I was on private property (Mobile Home park) posted No Parking on the street because it is only 15 feet wide.

It was a very dark snowy night no street lights, I backed into a parked car with very minor damage, the car was parked well over 1.5 ft away from the curb on the other side of the street. In my opinion it was a hazardous and unsafe condition. I gave the owner all my info and he was supposed to give me his but it turned out it was only the type of car and plate number. I did make a police report 2 days later and the deputy informed me that each owner was to take care of their own damage.

Now my insurance is saying they are going to pay for their car and might drop me or at least raise my rates. I did make him an offer to take care of it out of my pocket. But after doing some investigating and talking to the deputy it appears that I don't even have to do that.

I would appreciate your opinion on this matter; also I do have minor damage to my auto.

Answer to Backing into parked car in a no parking zone private property:

Sounds like you hit a vehicle that was parked. This is not going to go well for you. There may be some argument that maybe the was too far out, but 1.5 ft is not that much to create an unsafe condition. In addition, a vehicle is a big object, as you know, and it is there to be seen. Even at night, the driver must ensure not to cause a collision.

Talk to your insurance company, but if they are willing to pay for the loss of the other party, then you may have to leave with that.

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Good Luck

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