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Can my claim check be issued directly to me?

I was hit while sitting in a parking space and a woman smashed hard into my right rear end. Her car was low and the bumper took the brunt of the hit but she smashed my rear light bent the bumper and dented quarter panel.

She has been found at fault and I was contacted by an adjuster. They will pay for the damages but I want to know if they can issue the check to me and I over see the repairs and pay for them to make sure they're done to my standards.

Answer to can my claim check be issued directly to me?

Most likely yes. However, if you have lien holder (a car loan), the insurance company can issue you a payment and to the bank. They would have to sign to release the interest, which they will not.

Insurance companies will get around that by paying the repair facility directly.

If you don't have a car loan, then you have no issue. Some insurance companies do not care if you are a third party as they do not have a financial obligation to the lien holder. See:

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