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Confused about car accident and record?

by Dede

My 19 yr old daughter was driving my car and involved in a fender bender accident. She was at fault.

There was no visible damage to the other vehicle and a sheriff was called. He did not do a report because he said there was no damage.

He may be just trying to get money because when I talked to him on the phone he mentioned payment?

If there is no damage do I need to call my insurance company? What happens next? Will this go on her record?


Hello Dede,

Well this will go on your record. If there are other parties involved, you are better of talking to your insurance company.

If you don't, they might not cover you in case the other party does make a claim against you (want money for their damages). Remember that you do have a duty to report accidents. Please see:

Also, there are few articles here for you to consider. Please see:

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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