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Driver turned left in front of me | Driver lied about green arrow.

by Jennifer

Traveling northbound on a five lane hwy in the left lane approaching an intersection(one median turn lane and 4 traveling lanes) when an oncoming dump truck with a trailer turned left in front of me. I was able to slow down enough to avoid a collision with the truck but the car behind the truck did not see me at first and then came to a stop in my lane, facing me.

I hit her dead-on at approximately 38 mph. Speed limit is 45 mph. I was unable to avoid hitting her because the truck was still clearing the other half of the intersection and if I went right, I would have hit them!

When I first got on the hwy, it was from a gas station less than 1/2 mile away so I was not traveling very fast but I was accelerating as I saw my light was green. The other driver lied and claimed she had a green arrow, but I drive this intersection every day and know that you are unable to see the green light at all if you have a large truck in front of you because of the placement of the lights.

Insurance company has claimed I am at fault even though no accident investigation was ever performed and I was not cited. They also paid out $1800 in medical to other driver even though she refused medical attention at the scene. Her daughter also showed up and was screaming about suing me. Nice.

Now I'm trying to obtain new insurance (as I've now been cancelled because of claims frequency) and two separate companies have told me I was listed at fault on the 18th (day of accident) but then not at fault on the 19th. So far the insurance company has no answers.

They never even notified me that I was supposedly at fault. I now have points on my record for an accident that wasn't my fault. What are my options for fighting this decision?

Answer to Driver turned left in front of me | Driver lied about green arrow?

Hello Jennifer,

Well, you can contact the department of insurance and explain to them that the investigation was sub standard. However, remember that under the right of settlement clause, the insurance company probably (read your policy first) has the right to settle the claim as they see fit.


Contact them and see if there is recourse there.

Good Luck,

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Mar 20, 2012
Boo-Yah Insurance Company
by: Jennifer

Yesterday I caught the insurance company lying three separate times on tape! I even told them I was recording the conversation. When I informed the regional manager of the lying on tape, they immediately looked into my case. Discovered the adjusters listed me as NOT AT FAULT! But my insurance agent screwed up and listed me as at fault. They are issuing a refund check immediately as they had raised my insurance rates by 1000 a year! And rescinding the points on my license. (3) Score one for the good guys! People don't ever trust the insurance company, record everything if it's legal in your state!!! Looking for a new company now, any ideas?


Consumers need to stand up for themselves. Good Job. About a tip, they are all suspect. Look for consumer reviews (after a claim).

Good Job!

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