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Geico -- Excellent claims experience

by Ellen
(Sarasota FL USA)

My husband was in a serious accident -- relatively uninjured but the car was totaled. Geico was excellent about handling the claim and keeping things moving along. We actually received a check for $1500 when all was said and done. (It was a leased vehicle and Geico paid off the lease balance as well.)

My two criticisms:

1. I wish they came to you instead of making you go to them. I had to take time off work and drive across town to meet with the adjuster at a car dealership.

2. My husband got a ticket which he believed was unfair but rather than fighting it, he wanted to just pay it. (I wanted to fight it.) Geico told me that it was not an admission of guilt to pay it. However they then counted that accident toward the "accident forgiveness" program, which means we have used that up. This is despite the fact the other party hit my husband and their insurance paid for the accident in the settlement.

Overall, I am happy with Geico but there are always things that can be improved!

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