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How long can an insurance investigate a claim?

by Yolanda

My truck was impounded by the police 4-23-2009. While impounded it went in repo status.

The finance company hired a towing company to retrieve it and take it to the auction they do business with. On 5-15-2009 it was picked up from the police pound and taken to Par Towing Inc in which it stayed until 5-22-2009. On 5-22-2009 it was taken to Arena Mannheim Auction.

On 5-28-2009 I went to get my truck only to find that my tires and rims were switched and 1 front caliber was hanging therefore I couldn’t drive it off the lot. On 5-19-2009 my insurance lapsed. On 5-26-2009 it was reinstated. I reported this to my insurance company and they are investigating the claim.

Who's liable and will the insurance pay for my vehicle and go after the responsible party?’


Hello Yolanda,

There are too many issues here and I am unclear about what really happened? Why was the truck impounded? Due to car accident or was it parked in a place that it was not parked correctly?

If your insurance lapsed and the damages/impound occurred during this times, it is very possible that you have no coverage, meaning you have to pay for your own vehicle. Sounds like you have a claim against the impound/towing for the equipment that was switched, and if you do have coverage (comprehensive), then your insurance will pay and see if they can recover. Please see:

Again, there are way too many issues here to really help you. Contact an attorney to guide you with your claim.

To answer you short question about the time length of investigation, please see:

Good Luck,

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Oct 02, 2012
rear ended accident
by: Anonymous

Hello i was in an accident about 4 weeks ago. i rear ended someone. the person i hit was friends with one of my passengers. last year in December the two of them were involved in another accident and the car was totaled. Now my ins carrier is trying to accuse me of fraudulent activity and claim has been under investigation for about a month..... i just don't know that to do??? please help me?


You need to consider talking to an attorney. These accusations can be very serious. Talk to a lawyer.

Good Luck,

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