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I was rear ended last night


I was rear ended last night by a drunk driver and the arresting officer must have written down the wrong name of the drivers insurance agency or it must be fake insurance because I cannot find the agency name online anywhere.

I need a phone number for the agency to make a claim.

How do I find the agency with policy #, and vehicle vin# and license plate?


Hello Iarita

Well, there is no much you can do other than contact your own insurance company (the claims department). They will try to help you identify if this insurance company even exists.

There is a very strong chance that it is fake. It is a good thing he got arrested.

In any event, even if this guy has insurance, it is better to have your insurance company on your side.

Good Luck,

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Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

If you have the license plate you can contact the department of motor vehicle and they will have that information. I work for an attorney's office so their is a specific form we fill out but I don't think it would be a problem if you send them a letter with the plate and vin number. Their is usually a small fee. or like the others said give your insurance company the info and they will find it for you.

Dec 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. Someone rear ended the vehicle I was in causing very little damages.
I come to find out the fault driver had no insurance, nor did the police ticket and write a bogus policy number on the accident report. I suffer mild injuries and have accumulated medical bills.
Can I sue the police department for the officer failure to follow rules and regulations and make it their responsibility to cover my medical expensive, distress, pain and suffering?


A. The police did not cause the accident. They did not cause the actual pain, so you will be a very unlikely winner on that.
B. Law enforcement is often immune for judgment calls on the field. If they did not ticket, that’s a judgment call.
Good Luck.

Apr 20, 2009
Responding to the Comment below
by: Hector

Yeah, that would be the case if this person has insurance. However, even if they do, it might take them a little to get out of jail and get everything handle (in the mean time, you car will be left for you to fix - also paying for whatever rental out of pocket).

Also remember, you have a duty to report losses, see:

You would still want to report. This will be specially important if there is no coverage on the other end.

Good Luck

Apr 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

Actually, the driver who was hit wouldn't contact the other insurance agency anyway. It's up to his (or her) insurance company to do that. You report the accident to your insurance company, along with sending them a copy of the police report. They'll take it from there. If they are not able to locate the insurance company listed on the accident report, they can contact the state's Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if the driver is insured and by whom. Your insurance company will likely send out an adjuster to see the damage to your vehicle, take photos as documentation, and ask that if you have any medical bills come in, you forward them to the insurance company. Beyond that, the insurance company should take care of the details; that's part of what you pay them for. You should not be responsible for doing the leg work.

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