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insurance claim

Hi I need some information. I was involved in an accident. I mean I was parking my car at the speed of 5 mph and I remember I never touched that car may be slightly.

I was driving Nissan micro and the car behind me was kia Sorrento. They said that I pushed their parked car backwards and caused an accident strange. T

They are claiming $2400 and although I said to my insurance company I want to go to court they did not listen and pay the other insurance company. now I have a claim on me which is really costing me more high insurance what should I do....



Well, if you touched the vehicle, you have to pay for the damages (assuming they are legally parked).

You want to be fair, of course, and sometime damages can be a lot more than you think. If you don't want this to affect your insurance rates, consider paying the claim out of pocket.

Other than that, the insurance company has the right of settlement clause, which gives the power to settle as they see fit.

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