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Law suit for fire services

by Shannon
(Hesperia, ca)

My car caught fire on a freeway. Total loss, now I am being sued by the county for the brush fire that developed because of the car fire. There had been no mechanical problems with my car in the 8 years I had it. My insurance refuses to pay the bill because in the books this was not caused by an accident, yet they covered the damage to my car.

I had full coverage on the vehicle, which includes property damage. So why won't they pay and I have to go to court?


This is a very interesting set of facts. You have coverage for liability. If you are liable, then you would have to pay for the damages you caused.

It is interesting that the county is claiming you are liable/negligence for the fire. There must be something more to this.

Your insurance company should also protect you, at least hire a lawyer for you (under reservation of rights.

If they don't, talk to a local attorney.

Good Luck

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