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PIP wage loss not paid - from Dec 2007

by Elle

Accident Dec2007 yet I have still not received the $100 per week that I am due from my Ins co. I have gone through 4 different adjusters, each time requesting more documentation, and now need 3-4 years of Tax statements prior to accident.

I do not consider this 'prompt and fair' - What recourse do I have? ALSO, I was a Realtor, self-employed at the time - just starting out, so will they use that to deny me my claim as I was not salaried?


Hello Elle,

Well, being a Realtor really makes things tricky for you. It is very hard to document wages as a Realtor because there are days that you sell homes and there are days that you do not. There are days of thousands and there are days of zero dollars.

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The insurance company will drag this until they can. Unfortunately, you have a duty to prove your loss, so you have to come up with a reasonable way to compute and come to a number (a way that can be recreated by the insurance company and by a court of law).

Asking for your taxes is perfectly legal. They can see how much you make and take the average of three years or whatever you provide. You do have to provide a line. I give you this and this is it. Put it on writing. Make sure you express that you have given and given and given and yet, you have not receive payment.

The next step is to contact your state office of insurance and issue a formal complaint for not paying your damages in that long o period of time. That is too long. They need to pay or deny, but not leave you hanging like this.

Good Luck,

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