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Specialized occupational tools stolen from vehicle

by Anthony
(Raleigh NC US)

Aftermarket stereo in factory location professionally installed, specialized occupational tools stolen from vehicle in driveway. Insurance company wants to insure radio under car policy but not "personal property".

I have a 500.00 deductable and they want to use homeowners policy for tools and tool cases.
I feel I'm getting short changed here.

(1) why are they covering the radio and not the tools?

(2)Some of the test equipment is no longer available and to replace tools stolen will be next to impossible when using their depreciation rules. What can I do?


Hello Anthony,

The radio is considered vehicle equipment (it is attached to the car). Therefore, it is an integral part of the car and thus covered.

The tools are not part of the car. Most auto policies do not cover personal property and define personal property as anything that is not attached to the auto. For unattached items, home owners and renters insurance should provide coverage.

These policies pay actual cash value and not replacement cost. They will depreciate you tools and will likely pay you less because the tools are no longer available.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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