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State Farm sucks if you have to file a claim! As of right now, they are still "trying" to resolve my accident from Oct 2006, yes, 2006, this was s simple parking lot accident where someone pulled out into my lane and hit me, yet, we are still waiting. My husbands accident last month took them 3 weeks to decide if the car was totaled or not, they finally decided it was fixable, we got the car fixed and back to us minus 2 license plates, they decided to destroy them.

Then, after my husband's car was already fixed and in our possession, State Farm calls my husband and tells him that they decided the car was not repairable...HUH?!?! We already had it fixed on you authorization...??? Yea, I REALLY hope we don't get into a MAJOR accident, because that WILL suck!!! Good luck to all of you State Farm customers and I suggest no one go through them for auto insurance!

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