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Teenage Car Accidents


Unfortunately, teenage car accidents are a common occurrence today.

With less driving experience and with increasing distractions, the numbers on teen fatalities from vehicular accidents will most likely increase.

Below are tips to prevent teen car collisions.

Preventions against Teenage Car Accidents

  • Teach your teen how to drive through not so pleasant weather conditions.
  • Talk to them about the dangers of underage drinking and of indulging in drugs, particularly when driving.
  • Check that they always wear their seatbelts.
  • As much as possible, do not allow them to use their phones when they are driving.
  • Practice what you preach. Never forget to wear your seatbelt and do not use your phone when you are driving. Also, follow closely the rules of the road.
  • Only allow your kids to drive safe vehicles.
  • Teach your teen how to back up carefully, especially when you own an SUV or a minivan. You cannot see to the rear of the car, a child might be standing there and you do not know it. Do not rely solely on the rearview mirror as it has its blind spot.
  • Tell your teenager that driving is a privilege that you get to decide when to give. Stress to him that even if he is eligible by law to drive, you get to decide when he is ready.
  • Limit your teen's night driving and weekend driving. Studies have shown that teenage car accidents occur mostly after 11 pm on weekdays and after 12 pm on weekends.
  • Tell your teen that he can always call you whenever he needs a ride home and that you won't be mad at it him when he asks you to, regardless of the time and place you have to pick him up.
  • Find time to accompany your teenager when he drives. You might see where he needs improvement in and teach him as you go.
  • Remind your teen that you only allow a certain number of passengers in your car. It has been proven that the more the number of passengers, the greater is the risk of a teenage car accident.

If your teen gets into a car accident, listen to him first before you get mad or anything else. He might not be the one at fault for that accident.

If your teen does get into an accident, below are tips on what to do after the collision.


Steps to Make After the Car Accident

Obtain Details of the Accident

Before anything else, know what really happened.

Aside from your teen's version of events, ask for accident details from the other party involved, from the police and from bystanders who might have witnessed the accident.

Seek Legal Advice

Since a minor is involved, it is in you and your teen's best interest to seek help from an attorney.


Teach Your Teen Safe Driving Practices

Even if your teen was not at fault for the teenage car accidents, you still have a parental duty to remind him of safe driving practices.

Hearing it from the parents themselves makes a big difference to the teenager.

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