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The Actual Statement

The way you handle the actual statement can destroy your insurance claim


Actual Recorded Statement:

Okay, everything is ready. The following lines will outline a “normal” recorded statement regarding an uncontrolled intersection vehicle accident.

The type of accident controls the questions they will ask you. Adjusters usually address questions regarding coverage, damages, then liability or fault, and lastly, injuries.

However, as you will see, statements appear to have very random questioning.
This is an actual recorded statement:

-- Opening:

This is Jane Jones with Allstate insurance company. Today’s date is March 15th, 2009. And I am speaking with Mr. Jack Black, the policy holder and insured. This recorded statement is regarding claim number 12345678.

- Mr. Black, are you aware we are recording this conversation?

- Is that with your permission? Here you should say, yes but if and only if I am provided with copy of the tape and the transcription of the actual statement.

- Mr. Black, I understand that the accident happened in or at about 1394 Waterway Road, Lansing Michigan. Is that correct?

- On what date did the accident occur?

- At what time?

- Was it day light?

- What vehicle were you driving? Make and model?

- What color was the vehicle?

- Do you recall the license plate?

- How long have you owned this vehicle?

- Do you have a car loan and if so which bank? Can you give me their number and the   loan number?

- Are you having any financial difficulties?

- Have you given a recorded statement to any other insurance company?

- Are you going to give a recorded statement to other insurance companies?

- How fast were you going?

- How many passengers were in your vehicle? What are their names and ages? How do I   contact them?

- Did your passenger give an actual statement to the police or the authorities?

- Where is your car today? What is the telephone number of that location?

- How did you leave the scene of the accident?

- Can you drive your car?

- Did your vehicle have any prior damage?

- Has your vehicle ever been in an accident?

- Were you wearing your seatbelt?

- What kind of car was the other vehicle? Make and model?

- What color?

- Who was driving? Their name and number?

- Any passengers? Names and numbers?

- On which road were you driving?

- Were you headed North, South, East, or West?

- On which street was the other vehicle? In what direction was that vehicle headed?

- How many lanes of traffic did your street have?

- How many lanes of traffic did his street have?

- What traffic controls, like stop signs, yield signs, speed limits, were in that intersection?

- Have you been contacted by any insurance company to give them a statement?

- What is the speed limit?

- Did you call the police? If not, then who?

- How long did the police take to get there?

- Did the police take an actual statement?

- What did you tell them?

- Did you tell them in the statement that this was your fault?

- Did paramedics come to the scene? How long did it take them?

- Were there any injuries to anyone in your vehicle?

- Were there any injuries to anyone in the other vehicle?

- Was the other vehicle towed from the scene?

- Who drove the other vehicle after the accident?

- When you were waiting for the police what happened?

- What did you say to the other driver?

- Did the other driver tell you that he was sorry?

- Did you tell the other driver that you were sorry?

- What else was said? Did you say it was your fault? Did the other party say it was his?

- Did anyone stop to help? If so what are their names and numbers? Do you know any of   these people?

- Did the other party give an actual statement to the police?

- Were you under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication at the time of the accident?

- Are you pregnant?

- Where was your vehicle hit? Front door? Front bumper?

- Please rate the impact from 1 to 10. 10 being a bad accident (a roll over accident).

- How big is the damage to your car? Like a dime, a quarter, a basketball size, the entire   vehicle?

- Did you hear any explosions?

- Was there any smoke?

- Was there any breakage of glass?

- How many miles does your vehicle have?

- Did the airbags deploy?

- Where were you coming from?

- Where were you going?

- At what time did you have to be there?

- At what time was the accident?

- At what speed were you traveling?

- At what speed was the other person traveling?

- Were you smoking or talking on the cell phone?

- Did the other party tell you where they were going?

- Did you see the other vehicle prior to the impact?

- What did you do when you saw the other vehicle?

- What part of your vehicle came in contact with his vehicle?

- How much damage is there to his vehicle?

- Where is that damage?

- Did the other vehicle try to avoid you?

- Did you slow down before you went into the intersection?

- Did you stop completely?

- In what direction did your vehicle end up facing?

- How fast were you going?

- Did you apply the breaks?

- Were there any skid marks left by the vehicles?

- When you saw the other vehicle, what did you do?

- Did anything fly around inside the vehicle?

- Were any drinks split?

- What party of your body hurt first?

- Describe your symptoms?

- Have you ever been in an accident before?

- When was the last time that you saw a doctor?

- For what reason did you see the doctor?

- Do you take any medication?

- Were you talking medication the day of the accident?

- Did you go to the emergency room?

- Who drove you there?

- What did the emergency room doctor say?

- Did you go to work afterwards?

- Were you in the clock, or performing a job related task when the accident occurred?

- Where do you work? Who is your supervisor?

- How much money do you make per hour?

- What is your position?

- Did you miss anytime away from work because of your injury?

- Were you prescribed any medications?

- How do you feel today?

- Have you gone to the doctor, since the visit to the emergency room physician?

- How many days were you released from work?

- When are you planning to go back to work?

- Are you at fault for the accident?

- Closing: Mr. Black, were you aware that we were recording this conversation?

- And was that with your permission?

- Is there anything you would like to add before I stop recording?

- Can we share your actual statement with other adjusters?

- With your permission, can I turn off the recording?

This is how an adjuster will control the statement. The example above is a simple accident without any kind of coverage issue, severe injuries, and a simple layout of streets. More difficult accidents will require more extensive statements.

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