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After the Statement

Now what?

After the Statement: Ask for a copy of the statement again.


Make sure that they send it to you. This is very important. You want to have it in case you have to refer to it when you need it. Once you receive it, please read it.

Adjusters take hundreds of statements every month (I am not exaggerating). They do not have time to read or listen to the recording of your particular accident. Many times they even lose the digital file or tape.

After the statement, they simply move on to the next task. This is important because adjusters forget critical information or by mistake think that you said something that you did not.

They will quote this statement, and they will quote you directly. But if you read what you said, you can very simply say “that is incorrect, on the transcription of recording, page 4 line 17, I said XXXXX.”


Your adjuster’s face will turn white (or red), and she will know that she is dealing with an educated insured.

Unfortunately, your claim is just one more in someone’s desk, and you must know more than the adjuster in order to protect your interest. Thank the adjuster for her time, and ask her what the next step is. You may start by saying, “So I have provided what you wanted, now what?” Take note of the steps the adjuster will outline to you, and then send the adjuster a letter. The letter should say something like this:

Thank you for taking the time today to take my recorded statement regarding claim number XXX-XX. As we have discussed before, during, and after the statement, you will send me a transcribed copy of the recording.

Please be sure to do that at your earliest convenience. If I do not receive it by this date, I will contact you to double check the status of the transcription.


In addition, after the statement, we discussed the next necessary steps to process my claim.

You outlined the following: get police report, pictures, medical reports, etc. If this information is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss further.

Thank you.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Your adjuster will know that you are watching her and that you are leaving a paper trail in case of disputes.

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