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Accident Video

You can get it by asking businesses about surveillance videos

Sometimes, accident videos are the best witnesses for an accident. This is definitely true for parking lot accidents.


Retail stores and supermarkets spend thousands of dollars trying to catch shoplifters. They install surveillance cameras on their parking lots, and most of the time, those cameras will reveal who is at fault and who is lying.

If you can find a video of your accident, would that not be the best investigation possible? Many times stores will sell the video to you. Sometimes they will give it to you for free.

It is always a great idea to simply ask the businesses around the area to see if your accident was recorded.

Some adjusters do this, but most do not.

This is another step in the investigation process and more work for them.

It is difficult for insurance companies to obtain these videos because businesses and people in general do not trust insurance companies.

The adjuster looks like he is documenting a lawsuit, and the perception is that they will end up in court having to explain things.

Instead if you ask for the video yourself, you will have a higher probability of getting access to this video. Sometimes you will be able to get a video like the one below.

Most of the time, however, there is no actual footage of your accident.

The power of a good accident video is not totally lost. You can still use video to explain your accident. Video is a lot more powerful than a diagram or a statement.

You can set up your scene and simply explain what happened by creating your own home movie. See the videos below. The first accident is a parking lot accident; the second is a “friendly waive-in accident”.

Do you see how much more clearly a video can describe an accident?

A video gives an exact explanation of what happened and where the impact point was. This will be critical for your adjuster especially when he is attributing negligence to each party.

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