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Alaska Class Action Lawyers


Alaska class action lawyers stand for you when things are out of hand and too complicated to handle as regards with class action cases. One of the duties of the lawyers is not just to assure and provide quality service but also to give hope to individuals who have been harmed by other people.

From the term itself “class action” means it is a collective form or a certain group of people file a complaint or lawsuit to a certain company or specific individuals. Class action originated in the United States of America and is still practiced by most of the people in the US especially in Alaska. The state is a republic which means that people who are living in Alaska are free and has the right to claim what is right for them.
Most of the workers in a big company or establishment protect their job and do their best to provide quality service to the company and to the consumers. However, these kindness and loyalty are sometimes abused and neglected resulting to accident thus causing someone else’s injury or death.

The owner of the company must see to it the welfare of the workers. It is their responsibility to provide certain benefits and secure the well-being of every worker. However, due to negligence and shall we say, lack of care and attention, accidents or misfortune do really happen. In a case of a large number of people injured, the group shall have greater chance of winning the case because of the joined and combined efforts of every class member as people say that two heads are better than one. On the other hand, many voices to be heard could be very chaotic and of course noisy.
That is why the legal counsel or the court will determine and assign a certain representative or a leader of the class who will bring the voice of the class. Another thing is that, a class action might be very sensitive and delicate case because a lot people are involved. If there is one single wrong move, all else will be affected by it. So, to prevent this thing to happen, refer to the Alaska class action lawyers’ help.


To mention one of the best law firms in Alaska, legal counsels from Dillon and Findley Law Firm are on top of the list. The people behind the success of this firm are the following:

  • Paul L. Dillon
  • Ray R. Brown
  • Mauri Long
  • Jessica Dillon
  • Meg Simonian
  • Kristen Petterson Miller
  • Benita Raymond
With joint efforts and experience of these brilliant lawyers, success and justice will surely prevail. This people has earned a reputation of exercising and practicing bold and aggressive representation making the firm having a well known Alaska class action lawyers. Do not wait for things become worst, call Dillon and Findley Law Firm now at the following numbers: Juneau; Phone: 907-586-4000; Fax: 907-586-3777, Anchorage; Phone: 907-277-5400; Fax: 907-277-9896 or visit them at their offices at 350 North Franklin Street, Juneau, AK 99801 or at 1049 W. 5th Ave. Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99501 or visit their website

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