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Alabama Malpractice Lawyers

Alabama malpractice lawyers help you stop the wrong custom and system of a certain party or individual who has power and authority to manipulate or put into someone’s life into danger.

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Malpractice is merely, the wrong practice of a certain professional in course of his duty. Every employee, professional or even the blue collar workers who are serving their countrymen based on the structure and nature of their job have the responsibility to follow a set of rules and regulation upon working so that everything will be on its proper place.

One famous malpractice is the medical malpractice. It refers to a certain attending physician, a nurse, or any medical practitioner that is on duty who is not able to follow certain procedures and proper protocol in their medical practice and in attending a patient. It is very important to follow those rules set by the management and by the government itself to protect and ensure the health and safety, and rights of every patient.

Every citizen has the right to be treated properly regardless of his or her color, race and religion. Some of the medical practitioner neglects the importance of proper and extra care upon attending a patient, as long as they are performing their job or for the sake of completing the 8-hours duty per day. Sometimes they lack sympathy towards other people that is why they do not mind if they have done the right thing or the wrong procedure as long as they get the monetary compensation at the end of the month or every payday.


This is a horrible and an ugly truth for everybody because we trust them our lives and they are supposed to help us feel and get better physically, emotionally, and psychologically. If you are not being treated properly, maybe you should contact Alabama malpractice lawyers close to you.

The negligence that we are talking about, it is not just a simple wrongful act who will just pass by after a day but its effect might be for a lifetime. It might cause us more complications in our health or worst, we might be killed by it. For sure, nobody wants this misfortune to happen to us or to one of our loved ones. If just in case, you happen to suffer the aftermath and adverse effect of a malpractice but just afraid to speak up, ask help from Cusimano, Keener, Roberts, Knowles & Raley, LLC. This firm is expert in the following areas:

  • Wrongful death cases
  • Catastrophic injuries resulting from automobile/truck crashes
  • Any explosions/fires
  • Construction accident
  • Drugs
  • Medical and professional malpractice
  • Alabama-Malpractice-Lawyers-003
  • Defective products
  • Premises injuries
  • Consumer cases
  • Commercial litigation
  • Nursing home negligence

The attorneys of Cusimano, Keener, Roberts, Knowles & Raley, LLC collectively are approaching a century and a half of experience in personal injury and civil trial law as well as business law, corporate law, and real estate law. They are well known Alabama malpractice lawyers.

The attorneys in this firm have individually distinguished themselves in special areas and their resources to build teams that meet individual client needs. 

Their lawyers have a strong team approach to representing our clients. Contact them today for free consultation at Phone Number: 256-543-0400; Fax: 256-543-0488 or visit them personally at 153 S. 9th Street, Gadsden, Alabama 35901 or virtually in

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