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Arizona Back Injury Attorney

Arizona back injury attorney represent people who have who have obtained a back injury due to another person's negligence. He is experienced in dealing complex issues that are involved in your case. This experience is very important in handling your case to make sure that the liable party will be accountable for your damages.

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In Arizona, a lot of accidents happen every day which is usually due to carelessness and negligence of other. Sadly, these accidents often lead to unwanted back injury because of the impacts and collisions. Here are some of the common back injuries that a person may acquire:

  • Back Fracture
  • Fractured Vertebrae
  • Back Sprain
  • Injured Muscles
  • Compressed Nerves
  • Back Strain
  • Herniated or Ruptured Disks

Back injuries that are caused by automobile accidents can be complex to handle because insurance companies may attempt to limit their liability and do not give the victim the full compensation for the harm that the victim has suffered. Back injuries can cause large medical bills, lost wages and permanent physical and emotional pain. Thus, having a back injury may affect the victim for the rest of his life. That is why you will need an Arizona back injury attorney to help you with this matter.

With more than 35 years of experience representing people in Phoenix, and throughout Arizona who have sustained a serious back injury while on the job, Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Friedman, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C. is one of the best Arizona back injury firm that you may consider.

Their team of attorneys has handled countless back injury cases. Whether you suffered a slipped disc, a severed spinal cord or another less serious injury, we are here to protect your rights. The firm is committed in helping clients secure the worker’s compensation and other disability benefits to which they are entitled.


They have represented construction workers, warehouse workers, truckers and others in similar professions who have been victims of back injury while on the job. They understand the difficult times that you are going through and that part of their job is to show care by representing you to ensure that your needs are met.

At Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Friedman, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, they do not believe in one-size-fits-all advice. They do not simply hand you premade guidance and send you on your way. You deserve better than that. The firm offers personalized service and steadfast representation to each of their clients. If you choose to hire their law firm to handle your case, you will find that they are ready to listen. They know that your case is unique and will provide you with customized advice that makes sense. That is what you deserve.

The firm is located at 1001 N. Central Ave. Suite 701 Phoenix, Arizona 85004. Free initial consultations are available, you may call them at (602) 254-8481, or toll-free at (800) 762-9081 or visit their website at

Back injuries are not only devastating to your body, but also give you permanent pain. If you have been unfortunate to experience this, then do not delay for justice to save you, contact an Arizona back injury attorney today.

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