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California Big Rig Accident Attorney

A California big rig accident attorney provides legal representation for victims, who have been injured or killed involving big rigs.

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Big rig is one type of a heavy large truck which moves along with the others along the streets and highways througout California. With the requirement of greater stopping distance, large trucks which carry large weight loads have a long breaking distance is very frequent to be involved in collision and accidents.


California is roughly one of the 10 states which enforce a lower speed limit for large trucks, such as big rigs and other commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, truck accidents are very common occurrence in this state which results massive damages and serious injuries. Federal crash statistics have determined that at least 20% of big rigs accidents are due to excessive speed. But there are also other causes of it such as:

  • Driver’s negligence (sleeping while driving, lack of proper training, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fatigue, etc.);
  • Negligent maintenance of trucking companies;
  • Carrying of overweight loads; and
  • Weather conditions

Also, a California big rig accident attorney is duly experienced to ensure that your case is properly investigated and determines whether who is held responsible for the injuries that you have suffered. There are three parties to be look upon:

  • The driver, who may be suffering from fatigue
  • The loading company, which haven’t properly secured the loads; and
  • The trucking company, which ensure the functions of the big rig

These are issues that can only be solved by a team of well-experienced California big rig accident attorneys. Then, you must consider the Scarlett Law Group which is located at 536 Pacific Avenue, Barbary Coast Building, San Francisco, California 94133 is one of America’s renowned legal cases involving personal injury, traunatic brain injury, head injury, automobile accidents, big rig trucking accidents, medical malpractice as their practice areas.


The firm is founded and lead by Randall H. Scarlett is an accomplished trial lawyer with substantial experience and stands agressively to take their cleint’s cases into a courtroom. With its state-of-the-art technical equipment, including video conferencing capability which enables them to coordinate actions througout California and United States.
The Scarlett Law Group also utilizes the services of experts to carefully investigate the cases of their clients. Vehicle reenactment is performed for forensic purposes to have a review of the case. So in case of delay of investigation of the accident there is still a high chance of establishing the one liable.

If you or someone you know has been injured involving in a trailor or truck accident, the Scarlett Law Group has the expertise to offer you legal assistance through difficult times. For free consultation, you may reach them with their phone number (800) 262-7576, email them at, or visit their website at

Always remember to seek the advice of an experienced California big rig accident attorney if you are involved in an injury accident. And also, take extra care while you are driving. Drive safely!

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