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California Construction Accident Lawyer

A California construction accident lawyer is needed when a construction worker is injured while in the premises on his job. The plaintiff needs the legal representation of a lawyer to provide an adequate compensation for the damages that he suffered.

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If you happen to be in this situation, the civil personal injury team at CCAA, Grant Luna and Dean Rice, will provide free advice and assistance for you. They are personal injury attorneys with more than 62 years of combined experience, specializing in construction site injury and wrongful death cases that also involved workers’ compensation claims.


Here are some of the most common types of California construction accident involvement:

  • Construction accident falls

This happens when a fall is caused by a defective ladder that is not positioned properly or scaffolds which are improperly constructed, or when debris fall from the construction site and fatal injury may happen due to fall.

  • Construction injuries

All types of physical injuries, traumatic brain and head injury, laceration, work site slip and fall from scaffolds and ladders, injuries from construction equipments, injuries caused by falling objects or equipment, and highway construction accidents should all be evaluated by an experienced California construction accident lawyer.

  • Electrical injuries

This may include injuries from skin burns, internal tissue and organl damage, abnormal heart rhythm, bone fracture or dislocation, spinal cord injury and Electrocution (death).

  • Scaffold, crane and trench accidents

These accidents are typically the most severe in construction sites that may result to death.

  • Superintendent negligence

He is the one responsible for all phases of the construction project. You and your family deserve to be taken care of if you were injured because of a superintendent’s negligence.

  • Wrongful Death

Wrongful death caused by a construction accident is usually caused by another person’s negligence, carelessness, or reckless behavior.

The types of construction accidents which are stated above will create an extreme emotional and financial stress to the family of the plaintiffs. Construction injuries severely limit your ability to live a normal life. Your injuries prevent returning to work and you can’t pay bills without your wages.


With the legal assistance Grant Luna and Dean Rice, your needs are their number one priority and will be understood and respected throughout the civil litigation process.  They anticipate the contractors’ next move and get inside the superintendents’ head because they have been there. They are sensitive and committed to your medical recovery and complete compensation for all losses. They are also passionate about justice for you. They have the financial resources, medical team, and construction experts to support you and your case.

Grant Luna believes that, “The best results come from my clients working with us together as a team.”, and also Dean Rice is built upon his adage, “Helping the injured workers and their families has been very fulfilling work.”

If you want to contact a California construction accident lawyer, they are serving those in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern County and all of California.

They are located at 13240 Evening Creek Circle, Suite 313 San Diego, Ca 92128. Their phone number is 888-474-2352 local: 760-542-8478. You may also want to visit their website

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