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California Product Liability Attorney

California product liability attorney extends their concern to the consumers through helping them know their rights as citizens who‘s been injured and harmed by a defective product.
Product liability is an area of law concerning consumer’s protection from not being able to get the proper care and compensation out of being injured or hurt from a flawed item.

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It is always a product’s manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure that the goods and supplies they sell are safe and environment friendly. They know better their product so might as well see to it that it will not harm the consumers in every possible way because they are always held responsible for whatever the outcomes and consequences are of using the defected product.

Furthermore, it is not just a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure safety in using or in taking the products but rather a distributor’s, supplier’s, retailers and anybody who promotes and makes the products available in the market. There are three types of liability, which are mentioned below:

  • manufacturing defect
  • design defect
  • failure to warn which is commonly known as marketing defects

The word “liability” is always associated with the term “negligence” because it is only because of this word why the product liability has been established and made. Yes, we could say that the manufacturers somehow did their job to make their products useful and at the same time safe to be used by the consumers. But because of negligence due to the absence and failure to be extra careful, consumers are harmed and worst, killed by a faulty product.

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Not only that, this firm is the 2006, 2008, and the 2010 “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award recipients. This only means that you are hiring the an excellent California product liability attorney. To mention a few of the biggest cases that this firm handled are the following:

  • The Kristen Rossum “American Beauty Murder” case.
  • The runaway Lexus case that resulted in the tragic deaths of CHP Officer Mark Saylor and his family.
  • The Pizza Hut delivery driver case
In times of trouble, you need the best legal representation by your side to protect your legal rights.  You also need a team that cares about you as a person. They listen and understand the things that you are going through and are very ready to serve and help you. If you need a California product liability attorney, contact the Gomez Law Firm today. Visit their website

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